[LFS] LFS] Update 0.6J

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    • [LFS] LFS] Update 0.6J

      Und mal wieder ein Lebenszeichen von den LFS-Devs: Version 0.6J bringt in erster Linie Performance-Verbesserungen, was insbesondere für die zuletzt aktualisierte Westhill-Strecke Vorteile bringt (da diese mit deutlich detaillierter ausgearbeitet wurde).

      Das gesamte Changelog:

      - Static vertex buffers reorganised to reduce DirectX instructions
      - Frames buffered (default 1) to allow next frame to start rendering
      - More efficient car distance sorting system for sound and graphics
      - Dynamic vertex buffers now set to use hardware vertex processing
      - Better frame rate in places where many objects may be visible

      - Sky texture is now drawn in mirrors
      - Layout editor object selection buttons are sorted by distance
      - Z-buffer depth setting can now be changed without restarting LFS
      - Mirror now uses 24 bit Z buffer if Z buffer setting is more than 16

      Frame rate limitation system:
      - Frame rate limitation system is now accurate and has better values
      - New frame info display shows sleep / physics updates / gpu waiting
      - Now using an event query instead of a lock for input lag prevention
      - Minimum sleep setting changed to "Sleep every frame" (yes / no)

      - Now using Direct3D 9Ex if available (Windows Vista and later)
      - Reduced glitch when autocross objects are optimised (e.g. on load)
      - Reduced min / max values for "Sound lag" setting - default now 0.08
      - New Audio Option "Sound when window is inactive" (off / on)

      3D view modes:
      - Added a 3D level slider option to adjust monitor-based 3D views
      - Reduced CPU / GPU usage by sharing scene preparation for both eyes

      Oculus Rift:
      - Now using Oculus SDK version which includes timewarp
      - You can now enter and leave Rift mode without restarting LFS
      - Smooth display (if you do not use SLI or force vertical sync)
      - Monitor window view options : blank / one eye / two eyes

      Oculus Rift compatibility mode:
      - For users who cannot use the Oculus 0.6 runtime, you can still use the 0.5 runtime. Simply rename the ORDIRECT.dll to some other nameand LFS will then use LFSORDLL.dll instead (extended mode only).

      - Some buildings at Westhill track were drawn using a slow method
      - Mouse clipped to window (CTRL+C) now works properly with ALT+TAB
      - Using mouse wheel to change gear did not work properly at high fps
      - Layout editor object selection buttons used interface button slots
      - Crash changing texture resolution with two or more objects selected
      - Anisotropic filtering did not work on car textures (including skin)

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