rfDynHUD 1.2 by Team CTDP – Released

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    • rfDynHUD 1.2 by Team CTDP – Released


      - Fixed engine and (esp.) brake wear/lifetime calculations.
      - Added support for rendering the overlay on the session monitor views.
      - When observing other vehicles the HUD displays data for this vehicle (as much as available).
      - Some Widgets (or parts if them) are now auto-hidden when switching to AI control, since the rFactor Plugin interface doesn’t provide data for them in that case.
      - Added a localizations system (translations) for Widgets.
      - Added support for imperial units.
      - Added MapWidget rotation according to the current vehicle’s heading.
      - Added sector specific colors to MapWidget.
      - MapWidget/TrackPositionWidget: draw important positions last.
      - Added vehicle class relative scoring (configuration global option).
      - Added support for timed races (estimate max laps, calculate lifetime).
      - Improved early rendering of Widgets to reduce the gap when entering the cockpit.
      - Added rfdynhud.ini as central plugin configuration file to support localizations and custom config folders, etc.
      - RevMeterWidget: Rev limit from setup is now used. This enables you to actually use rev markes fixed in the background image.
      - RevMeterWidget: Digital max revs can now be boost level dependent.
      - Added pause detection. (esp. engine wear will not go down)
      - Added a data cache to restore fuel usage and fastest lap times per mod, car and track.
      - Added support for multiple displays.
      - Added SpeedoWidget.
      - Added AssembledWidget to combine existing Widgets to create a new and more complex one in an efficient way.
      - Added support for images to style the ETV Widgets. Images are made by Daniel Zemla.
      - Added a Director plugin and editor extension to control a remote in game rfDynHUD from a Director mode in the editor.
      - Added TinyPositionWidget.
      - Added ETVFastestLapWidget.
      - Added a basic RideHeightWidget.
      - Added a FuelNeedleWidget.
      - Added DashboardWidget.
      - Added ETVTelemetryWidget (Revs, Velocity, Trottle/Brake).
      - StartingLightWidget’s visibility handling changed. Make sure, initialVisibility is on, if you don’t plan to toggle it with an InputAction.