RFE TireModel Plugin

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    • RFE TireModel Plugin


      RFETireModel is a client-side plugin to enhance the current rfactor’s tire model. Basic physics are still being calculated by gmotor, and additional calculation and graphical adjustments are done by the plugin.

      Plugin release details:

      - No download links for now.
      - To be released before March.

      Features 1.0

      - Tyre radius change due to tread wear.
      - Tyre wear enhancements (both physical and visual).
      - Tyre flatspotting (both physical and visual).
      - Server side plugin for tyre rules control on multiplayer games.

      For those asking for physics, I can tell you that driving with a flatspot is hard as hell.. In this video you can see (sorry, you can’t feel the FFB ;) ) some of the consequences of driving with a flatspot tire with this plugin (Note that the "flat" results have been increased x5 for the video):
      – Car falls down (literally) due to the changes in the geometry of the wheel because of the flatspot.. The FFB feeling is not just a simple rumble.
      – The tire offers more resistance to rolling on the flatspotted area, that means more probability of flatspotting again in the same area of the tire the next time
      – The temperature and wear of the tire are also affected because of the friction.

      As said, more information soon.. Thanks for understanding what WIP means.

      Mehr Informationen

      Es ist echt uuuuuunglaublich, dass sowas möglich ist! :golly:
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