[LFS] Update 0.6G (Oculus Rift DK2 Support)

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    • [LFS] Update 0.6G (Oculus Rift DK2 Support)

      Nur 3 Monate nach dem 0.6F-Update geht es weiter (für das LFS-Tempo der letzten Jahre ist das enorm schnell!)
      Was ist neu?

      Oculus Rift DK2 Support
      Bereits 0.6F bot Oculus Rift Support. Jetzt also auch Unterstützung für das DK2.


      visual improvement of transparent objects:
      - Improved edges of transparent objects like trees and railings
      - Re-exported all transparent textures to improve image quality
      - Texture names ending ATEST / ALPHA / ALP24 all now end _ALP
      - If you do not install new textures, old ones will be converted

      - Anisotropic filtering (AF) now default 4x
      - Mip bias sliders saved differently in cfg.txt
      - You must set your mip bias and AF values again
      - Increased maximum value of multiplayer draw distance
      - Two new 3D formats : red-cyan anaglyph and cross-eyed view
      - Textures are automatically resaved (if needed) for faster load
      - Low res textures now load just as quickly as high res textures
      - New car shaders give higher frame rate when many cars on screen
      - FIX : Car lighting momentarily vertical as car entered a shadow
      - FIX : Graphics options sometimes showed too many FSAA Options

      Skin-Downloads in Replays

      If a car or helmet skin in a replay is not available at LFS World when you start the replay (with low or high res skins selected) but you already have the skin in the other resolution then that skin in the other resolution will be used instead of a plain car.


      New packet IS_HCP for host to add extra mass or intake restriction to particular cars (affects all drivers using those cars)


      - Driver's body is now enabled by default
      - Reduced input lag when vertical sync is enabled
      - Frame rate limit now disabled if vertical sync is active
      - Cars now drawn in nearest to furthest order for optimisation
      - CTRL+S screenshot message now stays for two seconds instead of one
      - Updated translations - thank you translators

      Übrigens ist auch die Homepage www.lfs.net neu gestaltet. Ist insgesamt etwas moderner und (gefühlt) flotter geworden.
      Insgesamt ist das Projekt lebendiger als im gesamten Jahr 2013 :D
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