[LFS] Neue Beta-Version mit aktualisierter Westhill-Strecke

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    • [LFS] Neue Beta-Version mit aktualisierter Westhill-Strecke

      Man glaubt es kaum: Ein neuer Test-Patch für LFS ist da!
      Version 0.6G14

      Was ist neu?
      Die bisher eher stiefmütterlich behandelte Strecke "Westhill" wurde überarbeitet.

      The track has changed radically - you'll have a hard time recognising it.It features longer tracks, more configurations and a number of pleasant surprises!

      Eine kleine Vorschau gibt es bei Youtube:

      Vollständiges Changelog:

      Changes from 0.6G to 0.6G14 :

      Westhill :
      New version of Westhill with additional configurations
      Full support for open configurations including access roads

      Autocross Editor :
      New adjustable concrete objects
      Custom start positions and pit start points
      Maximum autocross objects increased to 1500
      Movable start lights included as an autocross object
      Pressing S/F/1/2/3 when object is selected now moves it
      Pressing S/F/1/2/3 when object exists is now more helpful
      Clicking colour instantly changes selected tyres or chalk
      Clicking marshall position instantly changes selected marshall
      Improved the appearance of marshall circles in the editor
      Route checker index numbers now start at 1 instead of 0
      The W/E keys instantly adjust width, no need to press M
      Floating object buttons shown with different colour
      X/Y/Z positions are now shown and can be typed in
      Right click on X/Y/Z to move in steps of 1 metre
      SHIFT+click to snap to 1 metre grid

      Tracks :
      Increased max cars in race from 32 to 40
      Increased AU Autocross grid from 16 to 20
      Increased BL Rallycross grids from 24 to 30
      Regenerated lightmaps and visible object lists on most tracks
      Added paths at Fern Bay to cover road near Club and mini oval
      AI drivers hit wall entering pit lane at SO Classic / Town
      Removed a corner marker from some configurations at Aston
      Some tyres at Kyoto National disabled in other configs

      New commands :

      - Reset all lap counters and checkpoints passed as if the race had just been started. This removes checkpoints passed. So using this command on the first lap, before the first checkpoint is passed, has no effect. After the first checkpoint there is an effect. The first lap will not be counted. This is intended to help with a rolling start after a parade lap.

      /setlap username X
      - X is positive : Set the lap that the user is currently on (as seen at the top right, not the number of laps completed). This does not affect checkpoints passed. This may help with a driver who reconnects after an unintended disconnection.
      - X is zero : Same as the /zero_all command but for one driver.
      - X is negative : subtract from the number of laps, without affecting checkpoints passed. This may be useful as a penalty.

      Der Patch ist inkompatibel mit anderen Versionen und kann hier heruntergeladen werden:



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    • Hat seine Vor- und Nachteile. Ich mag die Reduktion auf relativ wenige Autos und Strecken. So beschäftigt man sich automatisch intensiver mit den einzelnen Fahrzeugen.
      Bei rF hatte ich oft das Problem, dass ich mich in der Mod-Vielfalt verloren habe und die meiste Ziet mit ausprobieren der ganzen Fahrzeuge und Strecken verbracht habe. bei LFS finde ich auch nach längerer Pause schnell wieder rein.
      Schade, dass die Entwicklung in den letzten Jahren so schleppend voranging. Die Ankündigung der neuen Reifen-Physik und des VW Scirocco ist mittlerweile mehr als 6 (!) Jahre her :(
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    • A
      new update of Live for Speed is available, with a newly rebuilt and extended
      version of the Westhill racing environment. The International configuration has
      been improved and a new National configuration is included, along with two kart
      tracks which are fun for the smaller cars. The access roads are driveable if you
      select an open configuration, so there is a lot to explore!

      There is now
      full support for open configurations, including many improvements to the layout
      editor. You can now place custom start positions, pit stop positions and
      adjustable concrete objects to create bridges and many other structures. The
      maximum number of cars in a race has been increased to 40. We have regenerated
      the visible object information on all tracks to keep the frame rate high while
      avoiding objects popping up.

      The new
      track and other updates have been well tested by the community over the past
      week and they have been enjoying it a lot. It has been great to watch them
      visiting all the new places and creating imaginative structures with the
      concrete objects.

      Read more about the patch and how to get it on the 0.6H information

      You can see some more screenshots of the new track on our screenshots

      - LFS Developers
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