[TRACK OFFICIAL] Brookdale Speedway

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    • [TRACK OFFICIAL] Brookdale Speedway

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      Not tough, but still tricky to tame, Brookdale Speedway is certainly unique. It’s egg-shaped configuration means that each turn of the oval is distinctly different, even requiring a different line in 1/2 versus 3/4.

      Wide open, allowing clean side by side racing, this track is a favorite among drivers and fans alike.

      Our Brookdale Superspeedway release has one configuration.

      Oval – 1.43 mile oval
      With most setups, you want to take the perceived ideal line, close to the apex in the turns, moving out to the wall on exit, but this tricky oval does certainly have a higher line around the turn with the wider radius… Once the rubber builds up, you might want to move further up the racetrack.

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