[TRACK OFFICIAL] Jacksonville Superspeedway

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    • [TRACK OFFICIAL] Jacksonville Superspeedway

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      Originally created as a testing facility for big rig trucks in 1969, Jacksonville Superspeedway may appear to be a simple clone of other high banked 2.5-mile superspeedways, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Jacksonville is quite challenging for a track of this type, including the areas where the banking drops away faster than expected, leaving a stock car chasing it’s tail towards the wall in a way that may be difficult for some to control.

      Our Jacksonville Superspeedway release has one configuration. Click ‘Play Video’ to see a lap on that configuration.

      Jacksonville 500 – 2.5 mile oval
      With just three physical turns, and easily flat-out for a whole lap single file, the challenge on an oval of this type comes from side-by-side traffic and tire wear. During the course of a fuel run, you will begin to slide around, finding the track feels more narrow, you may even need to lift off the throttle to avoid the outside wall when running the outside line.

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