[TRACK OFFICIAL] Mountain Peak Speedway

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    • [TRACK OFFICIAL] Mountain Peak Speedway

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      One of the first screenshots released of rFactor 2 during production was this model. Yes, it is that old. We’ve brushed it up, added a couple of extra configurations than originally intended and pushed it out of the door for you to enjoy.

      Located within a mountain range in North Carolina, this 1.5-mile oval contains a number of other layouts suitable for both oval racing and karts.

      Our Mountain Peak Speedway release has seven configurations (2 oval, 1 roadcourse, 1 kart oval and 3 kart roadcourses). Click ‘Play Video’ to see a lap on that configuration.

      Infield Roadcourse – 3.652Km/2.269Miles
      This 2.3-mile roadcourse uses both the oval and infield. Exiting the oval just after the start/finish line, you race behind the pit complex and parallel to the backstretch, before heading back towards the pits, exiting in turn two of the oval, using that to get back around and finish the lap.

      Speedway – 2.362Km/1.468Miles
      This tricky 1.5-mile oval consists of two major turns, and while the backstretch is relatively easy, the front ‘straight’ will do it’s best to throw you into the outside wall… Practice – a lot.

      Legends Oval – 0.44Km/0.27Miles
      This flat and short oval is way more fun than you would expect. In a low powered car, it can provide a lot of side-by-side action.

      Kart Oval – 0.353Km/0.219Miles
      In lower powered karts, this oval is easily flat out. In karts of different configurations, there may be quite a lot of skill involved not to necessarily lap it, but to deal with traffic instead!

      Kart Long – 1.0Km/0.62 Miles
      A nice flowing kart track with a couple of technical corners you need to learn quickly. Not a very high speed track.

      Kart Short – 0.66Km/0.41Miles
      This layout can feel quite frantic, especially in traffic. Laps seem to tick off very quickly. Very nice flow to the lap once you figure it out!

      Kart Reverse – 1.0Km/0.62 Miles
      This is the reverse layout of the Long configuration and feels a little more high speed. It has quite a nice flow and seems to be a little less technical.

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